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MBA multiple choice questions

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MBA IT/MCA Question bank
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Tuesday, 07 December 2010 16:32

Computer Programming “C Language” Question Bank

1. Describe the features of a C program along with its block structure.

2. Write a program in C to add first 10 odd numbers starting from 1.

3. Explain the importance of operator precedence with a programming example.

4. Using input and output functions in C, write a program to accept a string of characters

5. Write a C program to demonstrate the usage of gets() and puts() function.


6. Write a program in C to demonstrate the concept of using pointers on two – dimensional arrays.


7. Write a program to demonstrate the concept of arrays of structures.


8. Write a program to accept 10 integers and print it in reverse order using linked lists.

9.. Explain the following by writing example programs demonstrating their usage:

  • goto statement
  • if…else statement


10. Write a program to print a set of 9 integers in a matrix format using nested for loops.

11.  A 5-digit positive integer is entered through the keyboard, write a function to calculate sum of digits of the 5-digit number:

(a) Without using recursion

(b) Using recursion

12. Write a program in C to perform matrix multiplications on integers.

13. Describe the following concepts with the help of suitable code snippets:

a. Global Variables

b. Static Variables

c. External Variables

6. Explain with suitable code examples, various possible file operations in C language.

14. Describe the following:

  • Self Referential structures
  • Unions

15. Describe with the help of suitable coding example, the implementation of circular queues.

16. What are the rules used in naming variable? Give examples.

17. What are precedence of operators? How expressions are evaluated using precedences?

18. Explain the different types of if statements with examples.

19. Write a C program using your own function implementation to compute the sine and cos functions.



20. Write a program using the concepts of pointers to demonstrate how arithmetic functions could be implemented on the variable values.

21. Explain how unions are different from structure.

22. Write a program to illustrate the usage of malloc and alloc functions.

23. Write a C program to store employee information in a linked list format.


24. What is conditional operator? using conditional operator find a smallest number among two numbers.

25. Write a program in C language to sort a list of 100 numbers.

26. Write a program to compute the roots of a quadratic equation?

27. Write a program to evaluate sine series sin(x)= x-x^3/3!+x^5/5!-x^7/7!+------ depending on accuracy


28. Write a program in C using structures to store a student database.

29. Write a program in C to sort a file with numeric content and store the sorted list into another file in a specified directory.

30. Explain with example Macro definition and substitution.

31. Write a C program to implement stacks using linked lists.


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