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BLIS-O5 June 2012 Reference & Information Source





June, 2012


1.1 Describe the different types of reference queries. Discuss the role of computers in reference service.


1.2  Explain the concept of bibliographical control. Describe the activities of various organizations in India in this regard.

2.1  Enumerate different types of dictionaries with examples. Explain the criteria for evaluating a dictionary.


2.2  Trace the history of standards and describe their importance. List some of the sources of information on standards.

3.1 Discuss statistical information sources with examples.


3.2 What type of information is provided by biographical sources ? Describe the criteria of evaluating biographical sources.

4.1 Discuss the role of a referral centre as a source of information and explain how a referral centre is different from a library ?


4.2 Describe the different categories of information institutions with reference to their special characteristics. Answer any fourteen  questions choosing at least three  from each category :

5.1 Name  any one  title for each of the following categories :

(a)  Children's encyclopaedia

(b)  Abstracting periodical

(c)  Manual

(d)  Industrial directory

(e)  Bi - lingual dictionary

5.2 What information can one find from the following sources ?

(a)  Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA).

(b)  Press in India.

(c) Whitaker's Almanac.

(d)  Social Science Citation Index.

(e)  Indian National Bibliography.

5.3 Describe the scope of the following reference books :

(a)  Statesman's Yearbook

(b)  Subject Guide to Books in Print

(c)  Roget's Thesaurus

(d)  Statistical Abstracts of India

(e)  The Times Atlas of the World

5.4 Name at least one source for answering each of the following questions :

(a)  What is the definition of "bibliometrics"?

(b)  How the word 'entomology' originated ?

(c)  Where is Beijing ?

(d)  What are the weights and measures of USA ?

(e)  What is the full form of IPR ? 


BLIS-06 June 2012 Information Service
BLIS-04 June-2012 Library Cataloguing


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