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Ms-423 June, 2013 Marketing Of Financial Service

June, 2013

Ms-423: Marketing Of Financial Services

1. Discuss the various financial services markets in India and comment on some of the recent developments in these markets.

2. What is individual perception ? Discuss its influence on learning and habit development with reference to consumer behaviour.

3. Explain the banking products and services and discuss the concept of product mix with reference to Banks.

4. Explain the development of different types of bank branches and other models of delivery of banking services.

5. What do you understand by securitisation ? Discuss its salient features and the process

adopted for this purpose.

6. Describe different types of Non-Life Insurance products and describe the strategies used for marketing of life insurance products.

7. What is Internet Banking ? Discuss the various phases through which the banks undergo while developing internet banking presence.

8. How is the consumer orientation of financial service providers likely to change in the light of globalisation ? Discuss. 

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