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Ms-58 December, 2009 Management of R&D and Innovation

December, 2009

Ms-58 : Management of R&D and Innovation

1(a) How does one identify a business strategy that is appropriate to your competencies ? How do you ensure that competitive advantage can be obtained through technological innovation ?

(b) Discuss the linkage between R&D, innovation and economic development. What have the experiences of USA and Japan to do with them ?

2(a) What are the essential requirements of design ? Examine the relationship between design, innovation and market.

(b) What could be the possible barriers to creativity in an organisation ? Discuss and explain how these barriers could be overcome.

3 (a) Elaborate your understanding about integration of R&D with business strategy.

(b) Discuss the various types of approaches used for R&D budgeting.

4(a) Discuss the different types of partnerships for innovations and R&D.

(b) What are performance skills of R&D manager ? How are these skills related to his/her tasks and functions ?

5(a) What do you understand by a team role ? Is it possible to differentiate team members in order of importance ?

(b) What do you understand by an organization structure ? How important is the coupling and coordination system in an R&D organisation ?

6(a) What are the different types of R&D projects ? Explain the concept of project life cycle with an example.

(b) Discuss the various criteria for measuring the output of R&D projects.

7. (a) Discuss the rationale of co-operation between industry, institution and Government. Make comparative assessment of situation in India, Japan and USA.

(b) Define consultant and consultancy services. How technical consultants can facilitate the process of R&D and innovation ? Discuss.

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