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Ms-62 June, 2011 Sales Management

June, 2011

Ms-62 : Sales Management


1.  (a) What are the situations conducive for personal selling ? Explain using suitable examples.

(b) How would the Sales Process differ in the following situation ?

(i)  A private sector bank representative selling services to the Senior Manager of an MNC.

(ii)  A Sales executive selling water purifiers to working women.

2.  (a) What are the basic purposes fulfilled by a sales organisations ? Outline the steps

involved in developing a sales organisation.

(b) What are the attributes of a good Sales Quota Plan ?

3.  (a) What are the Major objectives of conducting training for sales force ? Suggest and explain suitable training programme for fresh engineering graduates who would be taking up independent selling assignment for Industrial Products.

(b) Discuss the important criteria for recruitment of Sales staff.

4.  Write short notes on any three of the following.

(a)  Determination of the size of sales force.

(b)  AIDAS Theory.

(c)  Presentation skills

(d)  Motivation of sales force.

(e)  Sales report.


5. As a Sales Manager, you have been assigned the responsibility of designing a vast sales network for a new brand of Fresh Lime Juice (with minimal Preservatives) planned to be launched next summer. The company wishes to confine the launch to all metros, and major cities in India. The main focus is on Retail malls, large sized grocers and general merchants. While other stores are 2" priority. The firm is targetting around 20,000 out lets to be serviced within the first 6 weeks, of its launch. The advertising campaign is expected to create awareness about the new brand by the 3" 1  week of the launch. The product has a shelf life of 3 months from the date of manufacture and will be manufactured from Uttaranchal.


(a)  What additional information would you need to develop an effective sales plan ?

(b)  What factors will you consider in developing the sales force ?

(c)  How would you measure the effectiveness of the sales force in this case ? 

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