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Ms-66 June, 2011 Marketing Research

June, 2011

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1.  Discuss the situations under which Factor Analysis can be used ? List the steps involved in using Factor Analysis.

2.  What are the different Probability Sampling methods ? Explain with the help of examples.

3.  Describe the precautions that should be taken while conducting marketing research based on secondary data.

4. What are the different Quasi-Experimental Designs used in Marketing Research? Explain the application of any two designs with the help of examples.

5 Write, short notes on any three of the following:

(a)  Conjoint Analysis.

(b)  Data Editing.

(c)  Sample Size Calculations.

(d)  Descriptive Research.

(e)  New Product Research.


6. Read the case given below and answer questions given at the end.


Growth Shravan Ltd.

Growth Shravan Ltd. (GSL) is a company recently launched in the business of marketing audio books. These books are available on various media like CDs, internet, pen drives and i-pods etc. and can be listened through different kinds of electronic devices both stationary and mobile. The great idea behind the company was to top the growing need for acquiring knowledge by busy people. The immediate target customers were considered to be busy executives particularly during their travel time to be followed by students, other professionals and eventually housewives and practically everybody. GSL wanted to go about their marketing efforts in a systematic way. Therefore, they first listed

the information on which they would like .a base their key marketing decisions. They were

(a)  Validation of the target group's definition.

(b)  Detailed profile of their target Customers group.

(c)  Likely buying motivation for audio books.

(d)  Evaluation of audio book features.

(e)  Customers evaluation of audio books against its alternatives.

(f)  Monetary and other costs involved in using audio books.

(g)  Monetary value ascribed to audio books. A suitable marketing research project needs to be designed for providing the above information to GSL.

Questions :

(a)  Prepare a suitable marketing research proposal for helping GSL.

(b)  Develop a suitable questionnaire for the above proposal. 

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