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MS-68 June, 2011 Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising

June, 2011

MS-68 : Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising



1.  (a) Different people buy same products / Brands for different motives. Discuss the above statement and identify the possible buying motives of a young professional for club membership.

(b) Explain the relationship between "Message design" and "positioning".

2.  What criteria would you adopt for measuring the ad-effectiveness of the following ? Justify giving reasons for your answers.

(a) "Save Tiger" Campaign on Television by sports personnel.

(b) Short film shows by Health Department educating prevention of communicable diseases targetted at rural folk.

(c)  Print campaign of the recently concluded IPL 2010.

3.  (a) Discuss briefly the steps involved in media planning. How would media options differ in the following cases :

(i)  fairness creams for men

(ii)  video games for children

4.  Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a)  Copy Testing

(b)  Managing Sales promotion in Services Marketing.

(c)  Ethics in Advertising.

(d)  Rural media Scene

(e)  Direct marketing


5.  (a)   More people lose their life in road accidents than in warfare. Develop a suitable social marketing campaign for promoting sate driving habits among young adults in India.

(b) An advertising agency is not sure whether a core idea featuring "Value for money" Or "Technical know-how" will be most effective. Assume that the advertising campaign for the new video camera is to be launched within the next 4-6 weeks, what approach would you suggest to select the core idea ? Explain. 

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